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Mark 6:45–56

“Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.”

Jesus’ mission is not to make converts, and it never has been. His mission is to make disciples.

– Jim Putnam

We live in a world where people have become self-absorbed and seem alienated from one another. So they may search for relationships in all the wrong places.  Our place, His Church, is a community of believers that encourages people to come and be a part of the selfless family of God.  Our Savior Lutheran Church is a place for everyone to belong.  We are a church family that continues to walk together hand in hand with one another and with God.  You are welcomed to join hands with us as you too walk with God.  It is our sincere desire to make you feel welcomed when you visit us. 


9:00 AM

Mix of Traditional and Contemporary

Child care available

for the young apostles

Sunday Bible Class

10:15 AM

THURSDAY Bible Class

10:00 AM

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